Keep up to date with the latest news and events from Balmacewen. 


Year 7 Art Room Action 

Year 7 students have been challenged and have created some exciting new artworks this term.


Thursday evenings has seen some great weather, and some great touch has been played at the Kensington Oval.

What's hot in the Year 8 Kitchen?

The year 8's are finishing off their pastry unit with their own pie creation.

Natural History NZ visit Room 14

Room 14 was extremely fortunate to have Lorne and Max from Natural History NZ share their amazing experiences.

What's hot in the Y7 Kitchen?

Group 1 finished off with Sushi and Cookies, and Group 2 have made their cooking debut.

Year 8 News - End of Term 1

Kia Ora families and friends of our Year 8 students.  What an extremely busy term we have experienced! 

Life in Room 11 

Room 11 has been working hard on their belonging unit over the last couple of weeks.

Room 23's CAMLAB Experience 

Creating and making is Room 23's forte! 

Cushion Making in Year 7

Cushion making is well underway in the Fabrics room in 2017.  

Year 8 and Fabrics

The term has been a very busy one with lots of hard work and lovely projects being completed.

Balmac 626 Rippa Team

What a fantastic time Room 6 and Room 26 students are having this term combining to make the awesome Balmac 626 Rippa Te...

Winter sports at Balmacewen Intermediate School

There are a number of winter sports available for students at Balmacewen Intermediate. Read on for details...