Click on the link to access our school Library Page. 

From this screen you can search our library catalogue, check up on new items. Students can log into their own accounts and make lists, reserves, write reviews and check on their current borrowing.

The Mission of the Balmacewen Intermediate Library is to establish a culture for investigation and a love of literature, guiding students to read, comprehend, and evaluate information effectively and to encourage and empower students to be life-long 21st Century learners.

We do this by:

  • Providing a library program that is fully integrated into the school’s curriculum and instructional practices
  • Delivering a variety of print and non-print materials and other resources which fully support the school’s curriculum
  • Stimulating interest in reading for academic purposes and for personal enjoyment
  • Promoting the effective use of information and communications technology


Information to parents and students

When Can I Visit the Library?

All classes visit the Library once a week. The library is open during school hours including lunchtimes.

How many books can I borrow and for how long?

Students may borrow up to 3 books at a time for a period of two weeks.

Can I reserve a book?

Students have their own accounts set up at the beginning of year 7.  Through our OPAC (web catalogue) students can reserve up to two books at a time, check their issues and overdues from anywhere in the school or from home by accessing the Library page on the Balmacewen Intermediate Website.

What happens if I have an overdue book or have damaged/lost my book?

All overdue notices are emailed to the students. Books may be renewed up to three times, however the book needs to be sighted on the third occasion it is renewed.   If you damage/rip a book, bring it to the Library and it will be repaired if possible.  Books that have been wet are charged out at replacement cost.

There is no charge for overdue items but there is a charge for lost or damaged books.      Items that are overdue for longer than six weeks are deemed lost and will be charged for at the replacement cost.  A refund will not be issued if the book is found as it is likely a replacement has already been purchased.

How do I become a Student librarian?

The library advertises for student librarians at the beginning of the year.  Three class librarians are chosen from each room and a team of lunchtime librarians is also required.   Student librarian positions are sought after and available to all students, however an application form must be filled in and training is given to those who are successful. 

New Books

New items are added to the Library almost every week.   These are usually on the new book display shelf. They are also distributed among the classes when they come to Library each week.

Can I request a book? 

Our library is strongly student centred and new books can be requested by students.  We endeavour to get these as long as they are appropriate for the age range in our school.  In this manner our Library is very student driven.

Summer Reading Programme

At the end of Term 4, Year 7 students are offered the chance to take home up to 15 books for the summer.   This includes a tracking log and helps to stop the slide in reading levels over the summer.    A special Year 8 assembly is held to celebrate our Summer Reading successes when they get back to school.


For any further information please email