A school uniform helps pupils identify with their school. Parent support and supervision with the correct wearing of the uniform is essential, and we thank you for this. A note is required on any occasion when a pupil is unable to wear the complete uniform.

Balmacewen uniform is available from The U Shop: 

Price lists and information here

Balmacewen Hoodie can be ordered early 2024.

Girls' Uniform

  • Black leather lace up shoes (similar to those pictured above.)
  • White ankle socks (these should cover the ankle as in the picture) or navy blue tights
  • Macewen tartan kilt
  • White blouse - are to be worn tucked in.
  • Red jersey
  • Soft shell jacket (optional)

Boys' Uniform

  • Black leather lace up shoes (similar to those pictured above.)
  • Grey socks with school colour tops worn pulled up to just below the knee
  • Grey winter weight shorts.
  • Long sleeve winter weight grey shirt - worn tucked in.
  • Red jersey
  • Soft shell jacket (optional)

Physical Education Uniform

  • Sneaker or gym shoes
  • School PE shorts
  • School PE shirt 
  • Navy track pants (optional)
  • School hoodie sweatshirt (optional) link to purchase will be available Monday 20th February 2023
  • School hoodies can be ordered in term 1 using this link https://forms.gle/JuJ3NzLbLxqrgeR48


All students are expected to wear correct uniform. All items should be clearly named. 

Jewellery, Makeup and Hair

One plain stud earring may be worn in each ear. Multiple piercings are not permitted. Wearing of other jewellery is not permitted. Makeup and nail polish is not permitted.

Hair is to be of natural colour. Long hair (over shoulder length) should be tied up. Hair ties and clips should be black or brown. Scrunchies and headbands are not permitted.

Stockists of Balmacewen Uniform

Our uniform is available exclusively from The U Shop.

Uniform Exchange

We will have one final uniform sale on Tuesday 19th December 2023 4.00pm - 6.00pm. After this date we will no longer be selling uniform on behalf of families.