Nau mai, welcome to Balmacewen

Balmacewen is a school for everyone. It is a dynamic environment where children find friendship, challenge and academic success.

Principal's Message

Andrew Hunter PrincipalOur Vision: Learning is forever.

Our mission: To empower each individual with the knowledge and skills to use their unique voice with integrity and purpose.

At Balmacewen we embrace the energy and vitality of our students and plan exciting programmes that promote creativity, problem solving and positive attitudes.

Through high expectations and excellent teaching your child will experience success and personal growth. We are future focussed and combine strong core programmes with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that prepare children for a lifetime of learning.

Our programmes are engaging and meaningful and will challenge children to think in new ways. Balmacewen presents an amazing range of learning opportunities. Whether in the classroom, on the sports field or on the stage, our approach is holistic as we help your child learn and grow. 

In this time of growth and change we will support your child with clear expectations and guidance within an environment of trust and respect. Building strong relationships between students and with staff is a central theme to our success.

I’m proud to be part of this great school. I welcome you and your child to experience all that Balmacewen has to offer. 

Andrew Hunter