Balmacewen Values

School Values

Values are evident in every programme. They are implicit in our expectations for students in their learning and behaviour. They underpin our actions and give a deeper meaning to our programmes through personal development.

Each year we talk to students about expectations and how to make the most of Balmacewen.

It provides us with the opportunity to recognize  these values through explicit teaching, teachable moments, classroom achievement, school awards.


Perseverance, Excellence, Respect, Kindness



Work ethic, to not give up, to press on when things get tough, to grit your teeth, to be determined.


To aim high, to do your best, to aspire, to set high standards, to plan and achieve, a desire to improve, a growth mindset.


Respect for self, respect for others, respect for the environment, respect for property.


Care and compassion for others. Friendship, support.


We have associated the four colours of our school tartan with these values.

Blue is kindness, green is respect, yellow is excellence and red is perseverance.


Our story in tartan…..


Our tartan implies unity and collective strength. The base of the tartan is blue and green ( kindness and respect). The highlights that run across this, red and yellow, are the more individual elements of perseverance and excellence.

Each yarn by itself is not strong. But when woven together it combines to become a strong and beautiful fabric. The tartan brings together the qualities of each coloured yarn.

In the way that our tartan combines all four elements, so too should we aspire to display the four connected values. Sometimes one particular value will be to the fore. For example during a cross country run it may be more about perseverance than kindness.  However we consider them to be all connected and complementary.

It’s not what we do but how we do it. In a digital, information-rich world where opportunities to acquire skills and knowledge are readily accessible, it will be personal qualities that determine success.

Building awareness of self and others through these values will help equip students with the necessary understanding to face further challenge with a positive attitude.