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Year 7 Star Gazing

Over the last few weeks the Year 7 students and staff had the opportunity to go to the Observatory for a session with Amadeo....

Posted: Tuesday June 29, 2021

Science Show Success!

In Week 7 the Year 7 Students presented their final presentation of their science show to their audiences. We had Year 3 and 4 students from some of our local cluster schools come to watch our perfronmances.

Posted: Tuesday June 29, 2021

10am start this morning

Good morning families, we have a 10am start at school this morning (29th June)

Posted: Monday June 28, 2021

Mid term reports and parent/teacher interviews

Mid term reports will be sent home to parents and caregivers on Friday 2nd July. Following these we have parent/teacher interviews scheduled from Monday 5th July to Wednesday 7th July. Please book an interview using the details below...

Posted: Monday June 21, 2021

Kai for Octacan

This year we would like to support the Presbyterian Support Octacan food bank appeal in the spirit of winter giving and as part of Matariki - a time of giving and celebrating.

Posted: Thursday June 10, 2021

Australian Maths Competition (AMC)

If you would like to register your child for this competition please see details below...

Posted: Thursday May 27, 2021


Please read on for notices from our community including marching have a go, speech and drama classes,

Posted: Thursday May 27, 2021

Cardboard Construction

Students design and create a cardboard dwelling with a limited colour palette. Having a limited colour palette helps them use a variety of materials. We focus on two of our Balmac Super Skills: Problem Solve & Persevere and being an Independent Learner.

Posted: Thursday May 27, 2021

Year 8's in the kitchen

The Year 8's have been busy learning new skills and playing with flavours before planning their pies.

Posted: Thursday May 27, 2021

Year 8 News

A very warm welcome to our Year 8 Whanau and friends.

Posted: Thursday May 27, 2021


Our Year 7 writing focus for the first few weeks has been on Moment in Time writing extending work from Term One into now writing by putting themselves in the shoes of someone else - an ANZAC soldier. Here are a few of our diary entries...

Posted: Thursday May 27, 2021

Fabrics - We Care

We have been invited to help support The Neonatal Trust by sewing small scent hearts out of cotton. These special fabric hearts are given, as part of a care package, to parents with a premature baby in a neonatal unit.

Posted: Thursday May 27, 2021

Year 7 News

We have had a very busy start to our term in classrooms and with winter sport getting underway. Classes have been working on ANZAC writing, reading and ART, as well as starting our planning for our Term Two PBL - Hooked on Science. Read on to find out more and check out some of our work in this Newsletter.

Posted: Wednesday May 26, 2021

Fabrics - More Year 7 Cushions

We have 2 rotations to go! There are many wonderful cushions being created in our room. Our Year 7 students know to "choose PROGRESS over PERFECTION" when learning new skills and creating.

Posted: Wednesday May 26, 2021

Fabrics - Year 8 Screen Printing

The screen printing process is an exciting one for our Year 8 students. We use acetate, sharpies, scalpels, nail scissors, cutting mats and tape to create our own stencils.

Posted: Wednesday May 26, 2021

Rippa Rugby Festival

Balmac Blue, Red and White competed in the Dunedin Rippa Rugby Series

Posted: Sunday May 23, 2021

2021 Class photograph orders.

Online orders for class photographs close on Friday 11th June. Please read on for more information.

Posted: Sunday May 23, 2021

What's hot in the kitchen with the Y7's

Group 3 are working hard in the foods room putting their spin on the recipes we are following

Posted: Friday May 21, 2021

Message from the Principal

Pink Shirt Day!

Posted: Thursday May 20, 2021