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What's hot in the kitchen with the Year 7's?

Group 3 have almost finished in the Food Technology Room and cooked a wide variety of food.

Posted: Tuesday May 23, 2017

Our Perfect Pies

Room 7, 8 & 13 Food Technology Students have been working hard developing and marking their perfect pie.

Posted: Tuesday May 23, 2017

Tim Tam Slam

by Billie - Room 2

Posted: Tuesday May 23, 2017

Freshman Shield Challenge R5 v R6

Who won in the most recent Shield challenge - was it Room 5 or Room 6?

Posted: Tuesday May 23, 2017

Scribble bots in Room 5 & Room 6

Working collaboratively on a STEM challenge in Block two!

Posted: Tuesday May 23, 2017

Scribble Machines

Room 25 and 26 teamed up today to get creative with some bits and bobs, wires and tape.

Posted: Monday May 22, 2017

Basketball Hits Room 10

The ref throws the ball and the teams are determined to get the ball from their opponents.

Posted: Monday May 22, 2017

Week 3 - was all go in Room 26

We have been busy working both independently and collaboratively on a variety of science experiments and writing tasks this week.

Posted: Friday May 19, 2017


We have had a message from the Otago Hockey Association to confirm that all kwik sticks hockey has been cancelled for tonight Friday 19th May, due to the weather forecast.

Posted: Friday May 19, 2017

Otago Boys High School Science Trip

Room 8 were lucky enough to experience a fantastic one off science lesson with Tim Ashdown.

Posted: Wednesday May 17, 2017

Rocket Balloon Powered Cars!

The Honey Badgers Syndicate of Room's 7,8 and 13 have spent the last two weeks immersed in STEM design challenges as part of our Wonderment Term Two theme.

Posted: Wednesday May 17, 2017

Zine Competition with Lily Knox

On Friday 12th May the Zine Competition winners from the Dunedin Readers and Writers Festival were announced at the Public Library by Kate de Goldi and Paul Beavis. Lily Knox was Highly Commended.

Posted: Wednesday May 17, 2017

Block 3 explores structure.

Block 3 used the design of the Cardboard Cathedral to explore how to design and construct a strong structure but using fragile materials.

Posted: Tuesday May 16, 2017

Class Photographs

Class photographs are on display and ready to be ordered.

Posted: Monday May 15, 2017

Room 9 ANZAC recounts.

Room 9 has been developing strong ANZAC recounts using the feedback from the camp recounts and developing writing goals. Here are some of our recounts.

Posted: Monday May 15, 2017

Pop! Froth! Fizz!

As part of our reading programme we have been creating new knowledge from our science readings.

Posted: Monday May 15, 2017

Science with Amadeo

A big thanks to Amadeo and Jess from the Otago museum for their inspiring presentation. If you weren't excited by science, you will be now!

Posted: Saturday May 13, 2017

May Mega Maths Month

We have a major focus on improving our knowledge and speed of our basic facts.

Posted: Friday May 12, 2017

Students Proud and Motivated

Students have pushed themselves to finish excellent projects and are proud of their results.

Posted: Thursday May 11, 2017

The Great Marble Challenge

Investigations in Room 1 and 2

Posted: Wednesday May 10, 2017