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Message from the Principal

We're really enjoying getting to know your child. Building relationships is a key message we continue to share.

Posted: Friday March 26, 2021

Room 7 camp to Berwick

Room 7 were the first Year 8 class to head out to Berwick camp this year. They have contributed some great pieces of writing to share their camp experiences...

Posted: Friday March 26, 2021

Year 8 Happenings

Kia Ora families and friends of our Year 8 whanau, here is our latest news.

Posted: Thursday March 25, 2021

Important guidelines for students who are sick....

We have had a number of children reported absent from school this term because of sickness, particularly vomiting and diarrhoea. Please be aware that, as per the Ministry of Health guidelines: Students who have had vomiting or diarrhoea should be kept at home until well, and for 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting.

Posted: Thursday March 25, 2021

New tools, New ideas and Testing Ourselves

Year 8 students are building model waka. Year 7 students are working with plastic.

Posted: Thursday March 25, 2021

Year 7 Writing

Over this term in Year 7 we have been focusing on using our senses to develop our creative writing skills. Here is some of our writing from this term.

Posted: Thursday March 25, 2021

Fabrics - Year 7 Cushions!

Our first rotation have completed their cushion and have hopefully been enjoying using something they have created in Fabrics. Our next group of Year 7's have just completed their colour swatch and they have chosen some funky fabrics.

Posted: Wednesday March 24, 2021

Fabrics - Year 8 Softies

We have completed our Softies and there is a lot to be proud of! Well done Year 8 Softie designers and creators! All Year 8 classes are now developing their understanding of the Screen Printing Process - watch this space ...

Posted: Wednesday March 24, 2021

Year 7 News

Our students have had a very busy term and are now in the middle of creating their first PBL project of the year - working on an exhibit to show their Turangawaewae.

Posted: Wednesday March 24, 2021


Balmacewen entered 2 teams in the ORL annual rugby league carnival on Friday 19th March at Kettle Park.

Posted: Monday March 22, 2021


Our 7 teams are having fun down at the oval on a Thursday.

Posted: Monday March 22, 2021

Year 8 Pies

The first group of pies have been made and eaten.

Posted: Monday March 22, 2021

What's hot in the Kitchen?

The second group is working hard in the foods room.

Posted: Monday March 22, 2021

I am an artist

Year 7 students explored and learned a variety of new painting techniques. They developed ideas around symbols to tell their story. We focused on developing skills to become more independent learners.

Posted: Thursday March 18, 2021

Conceptual Cats

Year 7 students develop an idea for a cat, draw the face from observation and then imaginatively draw the clothing and accessories. Next, they paint their cats using it to showcase their learning of painting techniques and painting considerations.

Posted: Thursday March 18, 2021

Teachers only day.

A reminder.... We have a teacher only day tomorrow Friday 18th June (Term 2.) Thank you

Posted: Thursday March 18, 2021

ART: All A.Round Me

We've been telling our stories about what inspires us. The students learned the skills of developing ideas, composition, colour work, drawing, and then painting skills. We also focused on developing our use of Super Skills to help us become more skilled learners.

Posted: Thursday March 18, 2021

Chicken Pox

We have recently been notified of a couple of cases of Chickenpox in our school. Chickenpox (varicella) is a very contagious disease. It causes small itchy blisters on your skin.

Posted: Thursday March 18, 2021

PBL - A guide for parents

You may have heard your child talking about their 'PBL' project. If you are wondering what PBL stands for and what PBL is, then read on for an explanation and some examples

Posted: Sunday March 14, 2021

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Our beginning of the year parent/teacher interviews will be held between Monday 15th and Thursday 18th March. Please read on for booking details.

Posted: Monday March 1, 2021