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Mihi Whakatau

The Year 8 Students welcome New Staff and Year 7 Students into Balmacewen with a stirring Mihi Whakatau.

Posted: Sunday February 19, 2017


Year 7 students were officially welcomed to Balmacewen Intermediate yesterday by a powhiri.

Posted: Saturday February 18, 2017

Room 4's Aquarium Experience

This morning Room 4 students took part in a hands on learning experience at the Portobello Aquarium to kick start their 'Rocky Sea Shore' unit. 

Posted: Thursday February 16, 2017

Camouflage Crabs, Sea Urchins, Starfish & Many More - Room 8's Aquarium Trip. 

Room 8's first class trip for 2017 took us all the way out to the Portobello Aquarium on Wednesday morning.

Posted: Thursday February 16, 2017

Room 4 Persevere To Complete Beep Test!

This week Room 4 had their first beep test of the year. The 'Beep Test' is a timed running test in which participants must run faster and faster until they can’t keep up with the beeps.

Posted: Thursday February 16, 2017

Welcome to Room 11

We have been busy in Room 11 over the first two weeks of term. Settling into the Balmac way, whilst taking part in swimming, starting technology and kiwi-golfing. 

Posted: Wednesday February 15, 2017

Room 14's Aquarium Visit

The igniter session at the Portobello Aquarium was a marvellous learning experience.

Posted: Tuesday February 14, 2017

Stars of the Week (T 1 Wk 2)

Congratulations to Chaase and Kaylee for their outstanding efforts this week.

Posted: Tuesday February 14, 2017

We are full steam ahead in the Library

Help - Can you spare some time to  cover books?

Posted: Monday February 13, 2017

A Busy Start to Room 2

It has been all go in Room 2!  We have had two swimming lessons already and our Kiwi golf lesson.  More action to come this week!

Posted: Sunday February 12, 2017

Swimming has started

Room 6 had their first swimming lesson on Friday.

Posted: Saturday February 11, 2017

Swimming begins

Last week Room 26 had their first swimming session up at Moana Pool.

Posted: Saturday February 11, 2017

SURVIVOR ISLAND 23 - Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. 

Room 23's six tribes took part in their first survivor challenge of 2017 today! All of the school values and the Balmac Super Six were incorporated throughout the challenge to ensure there was maximum participation and amusement.   

Posted: Friday February 10, 2017

The Marshmallow Challenge 

This is an activity where teams of students are given a challenge to build the tallest freestanding structure that will support the weight of one marshmallow. Our focus was on teamwork and leadership.

Posted: Thursday February 9, 2017

Look out Lydia Ko!

Room 8 certainly impressed Melanie Harper from the Balmacewen Golf Club during todays kiwi golf lesson.

Posted: Thursday February 9, 2017

Room 3 Kiwi Golf Lesson with Melanie Harper

Check out the photos of Room 3's golfing skills. Thanks to Melanie Harper for the great lesson.

Posted: Thursday February 9, 2017

Kiwi Golf

Learning golf fundamentals with Melanie Harper.

Posted: Wednesday February 8, 2017

Room 4's Students Demonstrate Golfing Talent! 

Kiwi Golf was back for 2017 today and Room 4 students made the most of their time on the lush Height's fairways!  

Posted: Tuesday February 7, 2017

Welcome to Room 1, 2017

Welcome to all the new Room1 students and families this year.

Posted: Tuesday February 7, 2017

Swimsation Lessons Begin

Room 14 participated in our first swimming lesson for 2017.

Posted: Tuesday February 7, 2017