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After School ART CLASS 2016

Starting in 2016, Term 1, Thursdays from 3.15 - 4.45pm. For Intermediate students.

Posted: Friday October 16, 2015

Surf Holiday Programme

The beach is the New Zealanders favourite playground. Come and spend a week in the surf at Warrington Beach. Experienced instructors will help you gain skills and fitness in surf swimming and using boards in the waves.

Posted: Thursday October 15, 2015

Year 8 Activ8

Last Friday 2 teams of 8 from each house group ran around the community completing a range of different activities.

Posted: Wednesday September 23, 2015

2015 Speech finals

Last Friday we were wowed and entertained by 10 Year 7 and 8 speech finalists.

Posted: Tuesday September 22, 2015

Year 7 Term 3 news

This Term has whizzed by and we have had an action packed few months !

Posted: Tuesday September 22, 2015

Message from the Principal

It has been a fantastic term. Balmacewen students have excelled in so many areas. I am inspired by the way our students work together and strive to succeed in and out of the classroom.

Posted: Tuesday September 22, 2015

Art Talk

Students have completed another busy term in Art.

Posted: Tuesday September 22, 2015

Year 8 News

It is hard to believe another busy and action packed term is at an end!

Posted: Tuesday September 22, 2015

Turning Paper into Trees

Over the past 3 years Balmacewen Students have been earning native trees by recycling their paper and plastics.

Posted: Monday September 21, 2015

What's hot in the Kitchen?

Term 3 has seen a change in the Year 8 Programme and Year 7's putting their own twist on some favourites.

Posted: Monday September 21, 2015

Term 3 in Fabrics

It has been a very busy term in the Fabrics room with both Year 7 and Year 8 classes having stayed the whole term and making a wide variety of projects.

Posted: Monday September 21, 2015

Rhinos romp to victory

The Block vs Block rugby league title was up for grabs in term 3 and the Block 3 Rhinos (rooms 9, 10, 11, 13, 14) were the worthy victors.

Posted: Monday September 21, 2015

Year 7's - Sports morning

Earlier this month the Year 7 students were lucky enough to attend a sports coaching session at the Edgar Sports Centre. This was run by the Sports Institute of Otago Polytechnic students.

Posted: Monday September 21, 2015

Our new website!

Our website has been under reconstruction over the past month, and we are really happy with the result.

Posted: Monday September 21, 2015

Students Hard at Work

End of term and students have been trying out a variety of tools or finishing off projects.

Posted: Monday September 21, 2015

Our Golden Girls!

Last weekend Jessie and Abby went to Wellington to compete at the Aerobics Nationals and came away with a win!

Posted: Monday September 21, 2015

Southland Sports Exchange

Well done to all students who competed and represented Balmacewen exceptionally well at the Southland Sports Exchange.

Posted: Monday September 21, 2015

Street Art - Inspiration for Writing!

As part of our Impact topic - looking at the positive impact street art has had on our inner city - Room 14 completed the street art trail.

Posted: Sunday September 20, 2015

Art Classes for Children

Sign your children up for art lessons with Pamela Brown and Kerry McKay from theartdept who are registered teachers, artists and art educators.

Posted: Thursday September 17, 2015

Successful Year Buddy Reading

Year 8 Balmacewen Intermediate School and Year 10 Otago Boys' High School students make reading fun.

Posted: Wednesday September 16, 2015