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Art Gallery

Earlier this week Room 2 were lucky enough to head to the Dunedin Art Gallery.

Posted: Wednesday August 15, 2018

Cats vs Dogs - which one do you prefer??

Man's best friend or a purring companion? Which one would you choose?

Posted: Wednesday August 15, 2018

Sculptural Exploration

The Year 8 students have explored methods of creating 3D triangular shapes using sticks, card and cardboard. Next they explored other shapes, ideas and prototyped. And finally they were onto mading their final sculptures, which they are still making.

Posted: Sunday August 12, 2018

Sculptural Art in Progress

Year 7 students are exploring sculpture.

Posted: Sunday August 12, 2018

Community Notices

Read on for information regarding softball, fencing, life education trust, hockey and other events.

Posted: Sunday August 12, 2018

Year 8 Happenings

Term 3 is a personal impact extravaganza. Developing an awareness of how we impact on ourselves, others and the environment is a major focus.

Posted: Sunday August 12, 2018

Science Fair 2018

Last Sunday the Otago Science and Technology Awards were held in the St David Theatre of the University of Otago, with a contingent of Balmacewen students there to receive their well-earned awards.

Posted: Sunday August 12, 2018

From the Principal

Term Three promises to be a rollercoaster of learning and fun as we enjoy new topics and activities.

Posted: Sunday August 12, 2018

What's hot in the kitchen with the Year 8's?

The third group of Year 8's have started their time in the Foods Room.

Posted: Friday August 10, 2018

What's hot in the Kitchen with the Year 7's?

The Year 7's have started their second time in the technology rooms.

Posted: Friday August 10, 2018

Swim the Cook Strait Challenge!

We nailed it! Today we were so proud of our students as they challenged themselves to the limit to collaborate as a class to swim across Cook Strait as part of our run NZ challenge.

Posted: Thursday August 9, 2018


We set out to make a 'cleaner' change in our community.

Posted: Wednesday August 8, 2018

Year 7 Term 3 news

It has been a great start to Term 3 for the Year 7 crew

Posted: Tuesday August 7, 2018

Netball season is coming to an end

Read on to find out about the Netball Prizegiving

Posted: Tuesday August 7, 2018

Balmacewen Cross Country

On Friday the 10th of August Balmacewen Cross Country was held here at school. It was a fantastic effort from everyone involved, with excellent perseverance on display.

Posted: Sunday August 5, 2018

Speed, excitement and drama - as the Room 7,8 and 14 Dragster race off was held.

Last Thursday we held our first ever dragster race off for our syndicate. All classes and teams gathered in the hall as we set up the race off to see which car took out the top spot as the fastest dragster in our syndicate.

Posted: Sunday August 5, 2018


Please read on for important information regarding the upcoming strike....

Posted: Thursday August 2, 2018

Black Fern 7's Team Visit Balmac

We were very lucky to have 3 Black Fern 7's players come to school today to talk about their recent success at the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and Rugby World Cup.

Posted: Wednesday August 1, 2018

Food Focus Fitness

Term 3 is all about the human body. We have some exciting learning ahead as well some awesome educational trips away.

Posted: Thursday July 26, 2018


We finished off our volleyball session with a mini tournament today!!! The progress from session 1 to today was impressive.

Posted: Wednesday July 25, 2018