Getting ready for blast off!

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Monday May 16, 2016
Room 14 spent time today preparing their water rockets ready to test later this week!

For our first science investigation we are making water rockets. We are going to look at all the variables that could impact on the flight height of their water rocket when we launch them. 

We are investigating questions such as 

Does the amount of water in the rocket impact on the flight? 

Does the size of the fins impact on the flight height or flight path? 

How fast should we pump the air in?

While investigating and testing we will ask lots of questions, re-plan and adjust our rockets and then test again ... thinking and acting like scientists! 

This is a great way to model an investigation similar to our science and technology fair inquiries and allowing us to model writing up our ideas, aim, procedures, testing results, and discussions of what we did, what we would change and do differently. Looking forward to BLAST OFF!!!!

Ms D