Lighting up the Lab!

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Tuesday May 23, 2017
On Tuesday Room 7 were lucky enough to head down to Otago Boys High School to have a sizzling science lesson in the lab with HOD teacher Mr Tim Ashdown!

  • For some students it was the first time in a "real" science lab to take part in a hands on engaging chemistry session. Mr Ashdown related chemistry to "building Lego" and then breaking them down to then create something new. Our first challenge was to learn how to light a bunsen burner and the difference between the types of flames.  Our challenge was then to take copper burn it under a hot blue flame to mix with oxygen and turn it black. Then we had to separate it again by mixing in hydrochloric acid and then learning how to filter it to collect the copper chloride solution. We then added in two lead nails that became plated in copper again before we burnt this off under a hot flame and if we were successful it would burn a bright green flame!! The students were engaged and entertained by the enthusiasm and energy Mr Ashdown brings to Science. It was like creating our own fireworks!! Check out the photos below:)