Zoologist visits Room 14

By Terry Tarapi | Posted: Tuesday February 28, 2017
Professor Jon Waters  talked about adaptations that aid survival in a variety of living creatures.

Room 14 were extremely lucky to have Jon come in and talk to us about his job and the work that he does, including gathering ancient DNA from prehistoric animals.   The students were amazed that you can tell a lot about a creature by studying their excrement.   

Jon provided us with specific details on the types of adaptations that creatures have developed.  We were lucky enough to have a moa shin bone to look at and were amazed at how big these birds actually were.    

One of the key messages that Jon gave was to follow your passion.  His job has taken him around the world and he gets to decide what investigations to undertake.    All of Room 14 would like to thank Jon for coming in and assisting us with our understanding of this area.