Year 7 News

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Thursday August 3, 2023
Last week our Year 7 students were surprised by our ignitor activity for our PBL unit for this term. We are working alongside Football South on a integrated programme based on Māori myths and legends integrated into Football skills and games. This also runs alongside the current Women's Fifa World Cup. So, off we went to the South Africa vs Argentina game last Friday afternoon.

Thanks to the hard work of Miss Stevenson we were lucky to get free tickets to this game. Our students were so excited and definitely got into the spirit of the game dressing up to support one or the other of the team of their choice. It was an awesome day and the final score of 2 -2 meant everyone was a winner on the day! 

The highlight for me was at the end of the game when all of our Year 7 students gathered in the stands and then did our school Haka. It has been great to to see the interest and support our local games have had getting behind the teams that have played at the Dunedin Stadium.

Classes have also been very busy with our new unit Kotuitui - weaving together storytelling around Myths and Legends. This has included football skills sessions with Football South and classes are now launching into their PBL focus designing games and activities related to legends.  We have also had a major health focus for our Balmac Way with most classes now finished our Puberty unit and we are continuing to focus on Wellbeing and health related topics for our literacy programmes also. As part of this focus we have had a number of guest speakers. Last Friday Max Holt, our local community constable, came to our Year 7 Assembly to talk to the students about cyber safety and online issues, and today we had Ella Sidey Zoom into our Year 7 Assembly to talk about Wellbeing and tools to manage our own health and how to make positive choices and decisions to look after our health in all dimensions of the the Te Whare Tapa Wha model of Wellbeing. Cross country training has also been a focus for our fitness sessions and hopefully we get to run this over the next week!

We also would like to thank all of our students who helped out at Open Night last week - they were a credit to themselves and the school with the way they conducted themselves and represented our school.

Lisa Dixon 

Year 7 Dean