Columba College China Open Day

By Room 10 | Posted: Thursday November 23, 2017
Ni hao, today 27 students were invited to Columba to take part in a Chinese cultural morning.   

Several Mandarin teachers ran workshops for the students to take part in. The tai chi fan dance was a real highlight for many of the students. Learning how to open and close the fan dramatically and in unison, looked and sounded amazing. Students also took part in paper craft, making lanterns and jianzhi (fine paper cutting). They played games you would play at school in China, and learned how to paint a panda and write maobizi (calligraphy).

The experience ended with the Mandarin teachers sharing food with us. We had jiaozi (dumplings), tangyuan (sweet rice balls), binggan (rice crackers), tangguo (lollies) and lucha (green tea). The students really enjoyed trying these new foods. It was a wonderful experience for everyone involved.