Library and Summer Reading Programme

By Gill Fisher | Posted: Wednesday February 13, 2019

This is what it looks like after school starts and the summer reading programme is over, (and they are three deep too).

Most of the 70 packs have now been returned and I am waiting on the last few before we can have our special Yr 8 assembly.  Please get these back.  Library has started with Year 7's learning how to access and manage their own accounts on the Library Web page, and Year 8's have been treated to a shelf dump.  Yes, I dump shelves of books onto the floor where teams alphabetize them.   It's always a fun library session.  

If you want to look at our Library page use the following link 

and click on the green Library Page link.  

Children are encouraged to tell me what they would like to have added to the Library and I have started taking lists that I will go through to guide purchasing.  Librarian applications are in and classroom Librarians have been chosen, with a lunchtime crew still to be announced.   We have had well over 1000 books issued and currently out.   Let's hope they are being read.  A great start to the year.