Room 4 Persevere To Complete Beep Test!

By Richard Olsen | Posted: Thursday February 16, 2017

This week Room 4 had their first beep test of the year. The 'Beep Test' is a timed running test in which participants must run faster and faster until they cant keep up with the beeps.

It's one of those fitness sessions that you really dislike but feel a great sense of accomplishment once it's finished. Yes, that's the good old beep test. 

The highest score of the class was a whopping 107 from Charlie Savage. Mr Olsen didn’t hold back either with an excellent score of 151. The scores ranged from 11 to 151 but all kids participating enjoyed the session, Mr Olsen has confirmed we will be participating in a beep test every term, and we should be aiming to improve by 10 marks every time. 

Red-faced and panting, Victoria Couper remarks that she was “pleased with her score” but she is working to improve. She aims to be at 80 by the end of the year.

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