Welcome back to staff and students! It's great to be back at school!




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School Newsletter: May 2020

Posted: Friday May 29, 2020

School Newsletter: April 2020

Posted: Friday April 24, 2020

School Newsletter update March 2020

Posted: Wednesday March 18, 2020


During our lockdown period we set a PBL project challenge for our Year 7 students - to become a photojournalist and take photos to record their time at home.

Posted: Wednesday May 27, 2020

Year 7 News

Welcome back to school! Returning to school after the lockdown, students have settled back into their classrooms and have enjoyed reconnecting with their friends and teachers. It has been an opportunity to reset, reconnect and reflect on how our lives have changed over the last few months and sharing stories and photos of life in our Bubbles. We feel we actually know our students even better through their sharing of their life beyond school during these times.

Posted: Tuesday May 26, 2020

Bus travel - contact tracing

We are required to collect information about children who use a bus service.

Posted: Thursday May 14, 2020