Team Building Activities

By Richard Olsen | Posted: Monday February 27, 2017

To kick-start the year we have been participating in team building activities for Physical Education. Check out what Room 3 & 4 have been doing. 

‘Here, pass the hoop!’

‘If I stand here, you can move into this hoop!’

‘Don’t stand in the lava!’

Such were the cries from the Room 3 and 4 teams as we completed the ‘Lava’ Teambuilding Challenge. The concept was simple: we were placed into teams of 8 to 12 members, and each team had 4 hula hoops. The whole team had to get from one end of the court to the other without touching the ‘lava’, by standing only in the hula hoops.

Then we had to complete the Lava challenge again, firstly without speaking and then with two members of the team blindfolded. It was harder than it sounded! Teams found many ways to complete the challenge. Some used hand signs to communicate, while other teams piggy-backed their blindfolded members so they wouldn’t stand in the ‘lava’. But the teams that were the most successful were the ones that communicated well and had every member contributing.

Before we began the challenge, discussed the values of a good team.

“Is it better to have one great leader, or lots of good team members?” Miss Napper mused. We talked about how our school values of Perseverance, Excellence, Respect and Kindness were key factors to being a good team member. It was a great P.E. session and we’re looking forward to more Challenges and games with Room 3 in the future.

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