The Intermediate hockey competition takes place on Friday afternoons/evenings at the McMillan turf beside Logan Park and at the new turf at Kings High School.  The hockey season starts on Friday 14th May.

This year our students will play in a 6 a-side competition on a half field.  They will need to have their own hockey stick, shin pads and a mouth guard in order to practice and play. 

Practices will be held at school either in the morning, at lunch time or after school.

The fees for hockey are $88 and this needs to be paid by the 7th of May.


2021 hockey notice 


Team practice times: Please make sure you have shin pads, mouthguard and hockey stick.

 BLUE: Wednesday lunchtime

GREEN: Tuesday lunchtime

RED:Tuesday lunchtime

YELLOW: Thursday 3pm - 4pm.

ORANGE (listed as grey on the draws): Friday lunchtime.




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If you have any further questions regarding hockey please contact Sara Quelch:



Hockey update...

Posted: Sunday May 2, 2021

Please read on for updates and information regarding our hockey teams and the upcoming hockey season.

Hockey season summary

Posted: Friday September 25, 2020

Well done and thank you to all of our hockey players, coaches, managers, families and supporters for an excellent hockey season.

Hockey is still on for most teams this afternoon - COVID level 2 reminders

Posted: Friday August 14, 2020

The Green team has been defaulted to this afternoon. However, all the other team's games are still on. IMPORTANT: Players and spectators need to be aware of the COVID level 2 guidelines that are included again below...

Hockey - 2020 season.

Posted: Monday May 25, 2020

The 2020 hockey season will look a little different this year. Read on for more information and to register your child to play.