Room 8

Welcome to Room 8. We are a year 8 class led by Miss Harriet Kinnaird

To see what Room 8 students are doing inside and outside of our classroom please check out the linked articles below


Posted: Wednesday September 27, 2017

On Wednesday 27th September the Year 8 students presented their Term three ASPIRE project based learning inquiries to their parents and community.

Albatross Colony - Education Officers visit.

Posted: Wednesday September 13, 2017

On Wednesday 13th September we were lucky enough to have two education officers from the Albatross Colony come to present an interactive session on Plastics and Rubbish in the Ocean and the Impact this has on native animals and sea life. 

Room 7, 8 & 13's Perfect Pies

Posted: Wednesday August 30, 2017

The Term 3 Perfect Pies have been designed and created,sampled, evaluated and advertised. 

Art Gallery and Street Art Walk!

Posted: Sunday August 27, 2017

Last week Room's 7 and 8 had a great day out exploring the Dunedin Street Art and having a fantastic session at the Art Gallery to tie in with our IMPACT topic.