Sara Quelch

Sara Quelch - Deputy Principal

Sara is Deputy Principal at Balmacewen Intermediate School. She has 16 years teaching experience in Intermediate schools and she is a strong believer in the value of Intermediate Schools for meeting the diverse needs of our emerging adolescents. Sara has taught year 7, year 8 and she has also been Year 7 Dean and Head of Sport in her time at Balmacewen Intermediate School.

Sara enjoys the diversity that comes with teaching and leading at an Intermediate school.  Every day is different.  “I love the fact that we offer such a wide range of cultural, learning and sporting experiences at our school, and that our students take these opportunities with such positivity and enthusiasm. Sara is one of the teachers in charge of hockey at Balmacewen. She also coaches Waterpolo and coordinates hip hop.

When she is not at school, Sara enjoys spending time with her family. She enjoys art, baking, running, shopping and spending time with her family and friends.