Room 24 Pallet Upcycling Projects

By Richard Olsen | Posted: Monday November 21, 2022

Room 24 focused their PBL efforts on reusing materials that are going to end up in landfill. We upcycled old wooden pallets into a range of different items. Check them out!

Room 24 enjoyed completing a very 'hands on' PBL project which involved 'upcycling'. We found out that old wooden pallets can't be recycled. After researching we discovered that the DCC advises that you reuse these pallets as best you can, yet we see them all over the city just lying around. 

As a class we researched what we could make out of the pallets. Some of the ideas were very creative! 

We aim to sell the completed upcycled projects and donate any money made to St John's Ambulance. Make sure you check out the photos below and email with the price you think the item is worth. Bidding will close on Friday. 

Richard Olsen

Room 24

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