Year 8 Fabrics

By Angela Burden | Posted: Thursday March 10, 2022

The Fabrics room has been a productive one! One group has completed their first outcome in Fabrics - The Bag. The other 2 classes are Screen Printing onto Aprons and they are getting very close to finishing.

The bag - designed to carry items. Most students chose to create a double sided drawstring bag. These have nylon inners so they make awesome lunch bags, toilet bags or swimming bags. A few designed tote bags that were also lined. 

The learning started with making accurate templates for them to use. They needed to consider what they were using the bag for so they could work out sensible dimensions.

Everyone remembered how to set up their machine and their confidence from last year was evident. We all learnt that nylon cannot be ironed and it is challenging to sew because of how stiff it is. The boxed corners were a new challenge too.

Look out for the cool creations coming out of our Fabrics room over the next fortnight. The student workbooks come home at the end of term for you to celebrate with your tamariki.

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