Room 2

By Hannah Cowie | Posted: Monday April 4, 2022

Life in Room 2 over the past few weeks

Over the last week we have been enjoying planning and creating our TÅ«rangawaewae projects to showcase our identity at our end of term exhibition. This learning has coincided with our literacy programme along with our camp moment in time writing. 

In library we have been having deep literature discussions and have had a bit of fun reading picture books, practicing our expression and reading aloud. 

Finally in PE there has been a serious cricket match going on between Room 1 & 2. We have have had our innings and this week we field trying to get them out for less than 32!

Congratulations to the following students who were named as our class leaders:

Mateo - Class Councillor

Olivia - Deputy Class Councillor

Samuel - Class Captain

Matt & Ariana - Sports Monitors

Niu, Samuel and Harsangam - Librarians

Enjoy browsing the photos! 

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