By Hannah Cowie | Posted: Friday May 20, 2022

All about winter sports, our PE sessions and having a brand new sports co-ordinator!

Basketball, Hockey and Volleyball are underway with a large number of students getting involved in winter sport! Basketball is proving to be a very popular choice this year with Balmac entering 16 teams in the Monday night competition. All teams for netball have been finalised and the students are eager to start on Thursday 2nd June. 

REMINDER: Hockey, Netball and Basketball draws for the week are found on the School Website, Balmacewen Facebook Page and the Sports Notice Board at school outside Room 1. Please remind your child to check this notice board for game times. 

Our PE sessions coincide with winter sport where students learn and practice large ball skills through a variety of sports including; Volleyball, Netball, Basketball and Football. Also all classes have enjoyed The Kiwi Golf sessions over the past couple of weeks with Melanie Harper. 

We are very excited to welcome our new sports co-ordinator Kate Ebrahim. She is a very talented sportswomen having a wealth of knowledge across sport. Kate is a qualified teacher and has been doing lots of relief work at Balmac, so knows the school and students well. 

If you have any sport questions please email

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