Year 8 News

By Terry Tarapi | Posted: Thursday September 16, 2021

Kiaora Year 8 Whanau

Thank you so much for your support with our on-line learning programmes. With our latest Delta Lockdown we appreciate your help with engaging the students in their learning experiences. From talking to numerous students; being able to follow their passions was a highlight of Lockdown. One of the number one favourite activities was being able to sleep in.

Our Year 8 focus for the next 2 weeks is for the students to apply both our school values and super skills in all school settings. Whether it is being kind to others, showing respect in our daily lives, achieving personal excellence or persevering at tasks, we will be consolidating our class and year group routines/expectations.

One of our current writing tasks was to take an ordinary household object and write a promotional blurb about it using persuasive language features. Here are some examples from Room 6

Pencil - Dominic

Do you need a reliable, handy and useful pencil? Well the GraphiteUltra pencil has you covered. It has been proven that the GraphiteUltra pencil lasts 25% longer than a normal pencil. Because of this it should last forever or at least a very long time. The graphite in the GraphiteUltra pencil is the finest there is. The graphite leaves a fine rich grey colour. The sound of the writing is sweet, smoothing and splendid on your ears.

Now seize a pencil and write or draw a masterpiece!

Fidget Spinner - Levi

Have you been fired by your boss? Dropped your phone in water? Or anything else that is giving you stress? We have the solution! Introducing, fidget spinner! This is a great toy that relieves stress from you when you spin it. There are different shapes and colour fidget spinners that you can relax to. Forget the solution of being stressed and breaking something. This is much better and much safer.  

Take care and be safe

Year 8 Staff