School swim: Thursday 10th December.

By Sara Quelch | Posted: Thursday December 3, 2020

Please read on for information regarding a school swim on Thursday 10th December.

Dear Parents/Caregivers

To celebrate the end of a fantastic year at Balmacewen Intermediate School we will have a whole school swim on Thursday 10th December.

All students will arrive at school as normal in their CORRECT PE GEAR. Teachers will check the roll and walk to Moana Pool with their class at 9.10am. We aim to be at the pool by 9.30am. The students will swim. Then we will walk back to school, leaving at approximately 11.30am to be back by 12.00pm.

The school will cover the cost of the swim for all students as a thank you for all of their hard work this year. However, if students want to hydro slide, they will need to pay a fee of $3.50. This needs to be paid to their classroom teacher before Thursday.

Students are able to come to school in correct PE gear for the day, to avoid uniforms, kilts etc getting lost or crumpled in bags, and to allow for uniforms to be clean and pressed for the final assembly on Thursday evening.

I would also like to remind all parents and families that our final assembly is at 6pm on Thursday 10th December at the Regent Theatre. Parents should have received a separate notice via email regarding this. The notice is also on our webpage under ‘latest news’.

Kind Regards

Sara Quelch