By Hannah Cowie | Posted: Wednesday November 27, 2019

We had our School Athletics, North Zones and Otago's all within a few weeks. It was a busy time for those competing in all.

There has been a lot of fun, grit and determination shown at the Caledonian lately with all three events. Well done to all those that competed.

Winners of the age groups at school athletics are as follow: 

Over 13 GIRLS
1st Place - Elise Carline
2nd Place - Rosie Falcous
3rd Place - Harriett McLaughlin

Over 13 BOYS
1st Place - Liam Barron
2nd Place - Taufa Makanesi
3rd Place - Noah Warden

Under 13 GIRLS
1st place - Navaeh McKay
2nd Place- Anabelle Batchelor
3rd Place - Ella Threlfall

Under 13 BOYS
1st Place - Ruban MacGregor
2nd Place - Harrison Thode
3rd Place - Chris Ure

Under 12 GIRLS
1st Place - Emelia Adamson
2nd Place - Giselle Hagen
3rd Place - Teuila Tasi-Cordtz

Under 12 BOYS
1st Place - Jae Rowe
2nd Place - Kori Rata
3rd Place - Tom Wilson

Chapman House took out the house points for Athletics, it was a close with them only winning by 4 points. 

Well done to over 100 Balmac kids that qualified for North Zone's and Otago Champs, what a huge effort! 

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