Long Beach Rock Climbing Challenge

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Wednesday November 27, 2019

This term as part of our EOTC programme, all Year 7 classes had a day at Long Beach.

The weather this year allowed every class to have their day out at Long Beach, one of the highlights of the year. At Long Beach each class was split into three rotations. One group was on the Rock climbing under the tuition of Tim from Dunedin Adventures. Here they were trained for the safety aspects and fitted out with their harnesses and gear.  There were five different rock climbing challenges and students had the opportunity to gain confidence with easier climbs before tackling more challenging ones. It was fantastic to watch the students succeed and push themselves on the rock wall. 

The second group was taking part in a number of beach challenges such as beach relays, games and for some a "marble" run sand sculpture challenge - making and constructing a sand run for a golf ball to see how far it would go. This was great for teamwork and engineering - to various degrees of success!

The third rotation was a team challenge also - where puzzles had to be solved to receive a map and clues to the cave. Hidden pretend money in the cave had to be found to exchange for the clues to find out where the treasure was buried.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the parents and caregivers who helped on these trips - without you we would not be able to offer theses opportunities for our students.

Lisa Dixon

On behalf of Year 7 

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