Year 8 News

By Terry Tarapi | Posted: Thursday October 31, 2019

Term 4 promises to be the highlight of your child's time at Balmac!

Kia ora year 8 Whanau

The next 6 weeks will see the students working industriously to complete the Challenge units of work.  These programmes will see the students implement the numerous skills they have been developing over the last 2 years.   Being an active participant in rich conversations will certainly enhance their learning.   

There are a lot of fun activities planned as well. These include the Class Day Out, Year 8 Social, School Swim and Classroom Activities. Teachers are constantly referring to the expectations newsletter that came home at the start of the term, reminding the students how important it is to keep applying their best efforts in all activities.  

Each child has received an informational newsletter about the Class Day Out and we wish the students all the best in their fundraising endeavours. The Job Contract has been the most popular fundraising option and numerous parents have enjoyed their children completing odd jobs around the home. Keep working them hard!

Please note that Friday, the 15th of November, is both our Balmacewen Teacher Only Day and the Orientation Day for our local High Schools. This will mean that the students are to make their own way to and from the high school they will be attending.

Nga Mihi

Year 8 Staff