Stars: A poem written by writing extension student Jocelyn Kluyts

By Sara Quelch | Posted: Wednesday September 25, 2019

Poem to follow.......

Twas a blanket stretching out across the sky

Leaving holes that lit up the ground down below

Allowing for a beautiful lit scenery for the travellers that had nowhere to go.

Lighting up the world while the sun was away

For the little animals that had indeed gone astray

They twinkled and danced leaving peace upon their wake

Relieving the world of bitterness and sombre

Gifting serenity and tranquillity throughout the world

Travellers along with many others had made songs and poems about their beauty

For their wondrous elegance was like no other

For even the prettiest of folk had nothing on this natural wonder

For they cast silhouettes that danced upon the moor

Sending grace behind their trail

This was indeed a sight to behold

As they did twinkle and dance

They displayed natures true beauty

Nothing was quite like it

Nothing quite as perfect

But when the clouds did cover the sky

When the sun finally arose

They still stood shining and proud

They twinkled and they danced

Making the vast emptiness of space a little less eternal

Creating shapes for those eyes that did wonder

They were just tiny small blips upon a radar

Billions upon billions litter our sky

Blinking and gleaming

No matter where you stood unto this world

Whether you were rich or poor

Young or old

You would always behold and ponder at their magnificent sight

Some say there’s no time quite like night

Nothing quite as peaceful

Nothing quite like that perfect silence

As nature runs wild

And those tiny small blips

They twinkled and danced

Jocelyn Kluyts