Room 6 Art Gallery

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Friday August 16, 2019

This week the Year 7 classes began their sessions at the Art Gallery. Our sessions link in with our health theme topic and classes chose sessions related to this from fitness, nutrition, friendships to emotions - the roller coaster of puberty. Room 6 choose to focus on Emotions.

Our session began with John the Art Educator, taking us to look around the gallery at artworks that displayed strong emotions from love, to jealousy, heartache to loneliness and how that was portrayed in the art work. We also had the opportunity to explore creating art works in the gallery of magnetic shapes and using our bodies to manipulate artworks. We also looked at emotions expressed in other areas of the Arts such as in music and lyrics and have followed up this session looking at analysing the lyrics of songs that were inspired by emotions or a story. 

In the art gallery art room we spend an hour exploring and playing with a range of colours and white dye to create art that reflected emotions. 

Check out some of our art works!

Room 6

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