Whats hot in the Year 8 Kitchen?

By Alex Buttery | Posted: Tuesday March 26, 2019

Group A have been having a great time in the kitchen this term cooking up a storm.

There were lots of creative ideas with their savoury scones or muffins on their first lesson, which was fantastic to see. We have since moved on to look at types of sauces and pastry including a cheese sauce to make macaroni cheese and a Bolognese sauce, puff pastry to make apple turnovers, and short pastry to make little fruit tarts or mince savouries. The students are now using prior knowledge and their own tastebuds to design their own designer pie, which includes a timeline and shopping list! 

We have since moved to to work with some sweeter foods to make creme brulee, and pavlova. We also have made and iced some sugar biscuits.  Coming up before the end of term we have our Mystery Box Challenge which is always fun. 

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