Year 7 Cushion Making

By Penny Riley | Posted: Friday March 29, 2019

The first two rotations of Year 7 students in 2019 have nearly completed their first project in the Fabrics room - a lovely cushion.

The room has been a hive of activity with students becoming familiar with a sewing machine, learning it's parts and how to thread up and use their sewing machine.  They then had to pass a sewing machine driving licence before moving on to making an inner, then a patterned outer  cushion. 

We have on display a huge array of gorgeous cushions where students have combined patterned and plain fabric to create a masterpiece with stripes and/or patches.  The first rotation of students will have already brought home a finished cushion and others will be completing theirs in the next two weeks and bringing these finished outcomes home to share with you over the holidays. Unfortunately due to camps, marae visits and swimming, some students were restricted in their design, just creating a 2 striped cushion. This was to ensure that all students could complete an outcome within the time they had in fabrics as many classes missed 2 or 3 sessions.

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