Term 1 2019

By Jake Scott | Posted: Sunday February 17, 2019

We have had a very exciting few weeks to start 2019 in Room 25! - By Cassandra Mattulat-Scholz.

There have been lots of trials for all sorts of activities: Futsal, Waterpolo and Touch, to name a few. It has also been a fun and exciting time in the classroom.

Golf was a new and interesting sport for many in room 25. We practised with different balls and Melanie taught us how to hold and swing the club. 

Cup Stacking: Room 25 and 26 did some cup stacking, showing team work and cooperation. When we were put into groups  of 4 or 5 we were given 1 rubber band, 6 plastic cups as well as a 30cm piece of string. Our goal was to stack the cups on top of each other as a pyramid without using arms, hands, or teeth. That was challenging!

We did manage Tug of War, but we didn't know what was going on when Mr Scott pulled out a long rope from a huge bucket. We (room 25/26) were sitting patiently, suddenly we were given instructions. "Room 25, that side, room 26, that side. Do NOT pick up the rope!" Then we all knew it was Tug of War. Class against class, room 26 sadly won. 

Family Tree Art: The task was to draw a tree and put our family names or people that we care about within the branches, then we got  cool patterns to make them standout individually. 

See below for images from our first 7 days at Balmacewen. 


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