By Phillipa Dick | Posted: Thursday February 28, 2019

It's been great to see the variety of activities going on in the CAMLAB at lunchtimes. We've also been exploring new learning tools in the classrooms. We're excited to be trialling the CAMLAB badge system this year. Find out more in the article below.

The CAMLAB (Creativity & Making Lab - also BALMAC backwards!) has been heaving with activity at lunchtimes. It has been great to see so much engagement and variety....animation, model building, loom band creations, lego, robotics and more. In Term 1 the CAMLAB is open Monday to Wednesday at lunchtimes as well as being available for class visits.

In classrooms, teachers have been keen to build on the expertise they already have. The students have been learning about building their  own virtual worlds, green screening, engineering with hydraulics, augmented reality and building Google Sites...and we're only half way through the term!

We're excited to be trialling CAMLAB badges this year. These badges recognise students' creative work in class time as well as at home. They are earned based on a points system. You can find out all of the information on the website 

We can't wait to see what our students can create!

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