Aquarium Trip - Room 7

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Wednesday February 13, 2019

On Wednesday 13th February Room 7 heading down the peninsula to the Otago Marine Studies centre for our ignitor session for our Adaptation unit.

Our day began with a dissection of the spiny dogfish shark. The students looked at the external features and adaptations. Then they had the opportunity to dissect the shark and look at internal features that also aid survival. A session followed in the Aquarium looking at coastal Otago species and the expert presenters provided us with information on special features and interesting facts about their creatures. The students had the opportunity to ask lots of questions and to think like scientists. The hands on experience in the touch tanks allowed further up close and personal experiences. 

The day continued with a session in the new lab where they looked at links in the food chain and completed a food web as a follow up to this discussion. A visit to the "Submarine" took the students to the deep trenchers off Otago and a look at creatures that exist at depths.

This work will be followed up back in class to launch into our first phase of our Inquiry.

Lisa Dixon

Class teacher

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