My Teacher's Job Description

By Terry Tarapi | Posted: Sunday February 10, 2019

The Year 8 students have been writing what they expect of their 2019 teacher.

My Teacher for 2019 no matter what has to be kind & caring, if the teacher doesn’t have these qualities no one would want to walk into the class in the mornings. My Teacher should encourage us and boost our ego so that we can strive for excellence and flourish in all our subjects.

My teacher should cater to a variety of different learning levels and subjects not just set things, they should be open and honest at all times unless it’s nothing to do with us. My Teacher should be inclusive and bring everybody's ideas to the table. I would like my teacher to be brave and give things a go like trying out our hobbies and doing the work alongside us.

The last three things my teacher must be are, there for us when we need it, to understand when we are feeling down and last of all, they MUST be respectful. Everyone wants to have a teacher who respects others feelings, opinions, hobbies and abilities.


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