Police PCT Fitness Challenge

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Thursday November 29, 2018

Last week four teams from our school competed in the Police PCT fitness challenge.

The challenge involved a team of four - one Year 8 girl and boy, with one Year 7 girl and boy. The teams had to compete and work together to complete the replica of the police fitness testing course. This involved activities such as a trailer push, 200m run, climbing through a "window", over a wall, around and under obstacles, and over a fence. It was a timed challenge racing against the clock. Schools from all over Dunedin competed and the competition was very tough with some very quick competitive times.  All four of our teams competed very well and one of our teams ended up winning the event, Will , Darcie, Alex  and Holly.  Congratulations to them and to all our teams who competed in this event. The day was finished off with a great sausage sizzle put on by the police. Thank you to the community police team who ran and supported this event.

Lisa Dixon

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