School Council Round Up

By Rachel Smart | Posted: Wednesday December 5, 2018

The school council have worked extremely hard over the last half of the year to help outside agencies as well as drive student-led projects to improve our school for the students. Check out below what we've been working on.

In Term 3 we had a school wide fundraiser to help raise funds for the Cancer Society. We had  our own version of Daffodil Day. We ran a mufti day where we encouraged staff and students to wear yellow and we also sold bunches of daffodils that were kindly donated by Laura in Rm 1.

We also got divided into 3 action groups to try and help solve problems brought to our attention by other students. 

One group has trialed a centralised student notice board in the Block 1 Learning Street so that students don't have to go all over the school to check in on sports notices. This has worked really well however it does get rather congested inside a learning street at break times, so we have now purchased a brand new glass-covered lockable notice board which will go up outside block 1. It has just arrived this week and will be installed over the Christmas holidays ready to use in the new year.

Another group has looked into ways that we can add more colour to our school yard and make it look more funky. We trialed some outdoor playground games with chalk such as 'Twister' and 'Snakes and Ladders'. These proved to be very popular. We now have some professional playground painters coming in to draw up some plans and give us some quotes so that these can become permanent fixtures in our playground next year.

We have also been looking into getting some extra playground seating or picnic tables to add more outdoor eating areas. We are currently doing some costings and again hope to have some more of these in our playground next year.

This term we also ran a bake sale which was a bit of a hit and raised over $500 which we have contributed to Dog Rescue and the SPCA who both do a tremendous amount of work looking after animals in our local community.

I would like to say a big  'THANK YOU' to all the councillors and deputies this year who have been very committed and have done a fabulous job. They turn up to meetings on a weekly basis and work hard both as a student voice and as ambassadors for our school. I really appreciate all your hard work. Well done team.

Miss Smart

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