The Unknown Pathway

By Sara Quelch | Posted: Sunday November 18, 2018

By Bethany Elder

The misty light breathes through the hollow entrance, resting itself on the still water. It’s welcoming gaze, urges me forward. Surely nothing will happen if I just dip my pinky into the irresistible crystal-clear water.

Slowly I lower my finger until it touches the cool water. Suddenly, my fearless mind is drowned as sharp pain digs into my once soft finger. I nearly scream as what feels like fire, burns heavily. I have heard tales but I never thought that they were true. This is my chance, my chance to show everyone the truth.

The thought of swimming across is already crossed off my list as I look down at my poor finger. “The moment you touch the moss on the ceiling of the cave, it will turn into vines that you can swing across.” The words from the tale sticks in my brain. Hoping that all of the story is true, I jump over the deadly water until I feel my hands plant themself on the mossy grips. A sense a relief waves through my body as I safely make my way towards the end.

I stand for a moment, unable to move as I attempt to take everything in. My brain shifts to the right mode, as I run across the lush green grass, with sun glaring down on me. Flowers of all colours fill each bush as animals of all kinds wander around. The tales are true. This really is another world.

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