Last Friday the Year 8 students took part in a team challenge called "Activ8"

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Sunday November 11, 2018

This challenge is part of our Term Four unit and encourages teamwork, communication and physical challenges. There were two sections that the students took part in - either a School based challenge or a Community challenge. Points were accumulated by all teams to go towards the overall winning house group.

School Challenge

Students who did not take part in the community challenges, took part in their own  Activ8 challenge back at school. The four houses were divided into 3 teams and these teams played each other in a range of different activities including dodgeball, tug of war, team challenges, hole in one and golden child. Teams played each other and gained points through the result of games, but the main focus and the most number of points on offer was earned through their fairplay and team work skills. The overall winning team was Chapman 1. 

Community Challenge

The second part was a competitive Community based challenge. Eight teams of eight pupils - four boys and four girls, competed in the Activ8 challenge. This involved running around nine locations in the community to complete challenges . Each team had a map to follow and did not know what each activity was until they arrived. They also had to carry a garden gnome with them and sometimes their gnome was included in the activity. Photos were to be taken at each challenge and marks were awarded for the overall time to complete each task and return to their starting activity and within each challenge scores or times were taken so each team had a ranking 1-8 which also gave them marks to combine for the overall results.  Activities included - as a team basketball shootout at OBHS, a rubber ring swimming race at Moana Pool, a healthy food snack challenge at Fresh Choice in Roslyn, giant ski race , Scooter racing and modified football,  biking and more. The teams had to be fit, work together and complete the challenges. Each team had a runner from OBHS to supervise and support them throughout the morning. The winning team took 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete the course! We could not have organised the day without the parents who gave up their morning to help out and the Year 10 boys from Otago Boys High School who helped.

Well done to all teams who completed this as it was a very tiring but fun morning!

Results: First Chapman 1, Second Highgate 1, 3rd= Shetland 1 and Chapman 2. Fairplay went to Highgate 1 and best dressed was Chapman 2.

The overall winning house for the day was CHAPMAN>

Lisa Dixon 

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