Room 5

By Neil Brew | Posted: Tuesday October 23, 2018

Room 5 has had a busy start to Term 4. Read on to find out what we have been up to.

Last week Stu Duval, a visiting author-artist and all-around funny guy came and visited the year sevens. We went with rooms six and nine. He told us an amazing story on Tuesday and then on Wednesday, he taught us some crucial writing techniques that will help with writing great stories. All the students seemed to really enjoy it and felt more interested and excited about writing. He made all the students laugh and we all had a great time.

Also, last week Room 5 had a great Cricket session with Will Kindley from Otago Cricket. He taught us some great skills like catching and bowling the ball. Once we learned those skills we put them to the test by playing some really fun games. All the students were really involved and had an amazing time. 

To round out our start to Term 4 Room 5 has started ukulele lessons with Ms Brusse. We have learned some basic chords and had a go playing four of five different songs. It is already sounding great and some students have taken a further interest and are working on one of the songs that we have learnt for the upcoming Balmac’s Got Talent.

Thanks for reading Laura and Harry.

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