HPV vaccination for year 8 students.

By Sara Quelch | Posted: Monday October 15, 2018

Read on for reminders about the second round of the HPV immunisation for year 8 students.

The second and final dose of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) school based vaccination programme will be given to the year 8 students who have previously had their Round 1 HPV immunisation at school. If a student is away that day, they can receive the vaccination at a later date in a catch-up clinic at school.

No student will be vaccinated without their parent/caregiver’s consent which was provided prior to Round 1. Parents/caregivers can accompany their child for their vaccination if they wish, the school office can let you know the proposed time nurses will be at school.

The HPV vaccination is also available free of charge through your practice nurse or doctor up to your child’s 26th birthday. Delaying the vaccine may mean your child needs more injections to be protected, as people aged 15 years and older need three injections.

For any further information please phone the public health nurse for your school, or look up www.health.govt.nz/hpv