Term 3 and Softie Extravaganza

By Penny Riley | Posted: Thursday September 6, 2018

The onset of Term 3 in the Fabrics room, signals the start of the Softie extravaganza!

All Year 7 students will spend half a term in the Fabrics room over the rest of the year. While in here, they will revisit using a sewing machine again, they will learn a variety of hand stitches and then design and work through the key stages of the softie unit which includes brainstorming and designing their own softie creation, incorporating both hand and machine sewing skills. 

The first rotation of students have completed their softies and the 2nd group are well under way.   Below are a collection of some of the first completed masterpieces and some photos of some lovely softies in various stages of the creation process of the next rotation of students.

Image Gallery