Bethany's anatomy museum review

By Beth Downie | Posted: Sunday August 26, 2018

Read below to find out about the museum

Room 6’s Anatomy Museum Visit

Last week Room 6 went to the Anatomy Museum. We saw lots of different body parts that had been preserved. Some people donate their bodies to the museum after they die. To help the bodies to last longer and to be safe to touch they have lots of chemicals in them and have some other materials like plastic and silicone in them.

We learnt all about the different processes that is used to preserve them and what materials they were made from. Everyone got a chance to have an explore around the place and ask any questions. We were also allowed to touch some things.

I thought it was very fun. Sometimes I was unsure on what I was looking at and had to look a bit deeper. There was heaps of stuff to look at and I found it really interesting to touch some of the things. They all had cool and unique textures.

By Bethany