Science Fair 2018

By Rowan Cooke | Posted: Sunday August 12, 2018

Last Sunday the Otago Science and Technology Awards were held in the St David Theatre of the University of Otago, with a contingent of Balmacewen students there to receive their well-earned awards.

A number of enthusiastic and talented students worked individually or in groups on their Science and Technology Fair projects over term 2 and the first weeks of term 3. Although entry this year was optional, a good number of students took up the challenge to investigate and idea, question or problem. Mr Cooke and Miss Dick were impressed with the quality and range of projects presented at school. Well done to everyone who entered a project, regardless of whether it was selected to go the further in the process or received an award.

The following students were selected to head to the Otago Museum and present their projects and findings in front of the Otago Science Fair judges:

Ty Gasper, Charlie Bauchop, Elliot Blair, Milla Cashmore, Tessa Hinch, Maia Penhey, Harry Bates, Laura Allison, Bethany Elder, Jack Henderson, Finn McDonald, Alexander Sun, Grace Leckie-Zaharic, Hannah Hemi, Harriet Miller, Honour Birks, Hannah Hemi Harriet Miller, Lucy Hilgeholt-Martyn, Amelia Zhang.

The following students were prize winners at the Otago Science and Technology Fair:

Charlie Bauchop - Speed3 - which cube is speedy

(Aurora Award; Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Otago Award)

Elliot Blair - Need 4 Speed

(NZ Institute of Physics Award)

Milla Cashmore - Tasty Treat

(Aurora Award; Cancer Society Award; Dairy NZ Award; NZ Institute Food Science and Technology Award)

Tessa Hinch - Sweet Temptation

(Cancer Society Award; Department of Biochemistry, University of Otago Award; Plant & Food Award)

Harry Bates - Cake it 'til you make it (vegan psychology experiment)

(NZ Baking Industry Trust Award)

Laura Allison and Bethany Elder - Eggceptional Pot Plants

(Forest and Bird Society Award)

Honour Birks, Hannah Hemi, Harriet Miller & Lucy Hilgeholt-Martyn - Sundae Saver

(Otago Museum Award)

Amelia Zhang - Sweet lemon school bag

(Otago Museum Award)

It was great to see students take their learning to a new level when exploring areas of interest. I look forward to seeing what ideas students come up with in 2019!

Rowan Cooke

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