Swim the Cook Strait Challenge!

By Lisa Dixon | Posted: Thursday August 9, 2018

We nailed it! Today we were so proud of our students as they challenged themselves to the limit to collaborate as a class to swim across Cook Strait as part of our run NZ challenge.

The shortest distance between the North and South island is 22 km which worked out to be 880 25m lengths of Moana Pool. Each class had to swim that many lengths to complete the challenge as part of our Run the length of NZ fitness  As a class, every student contributed to the overall target. We were so impressed with the determination and perseverance that they displayed to push themselves to the limit in order to meet the required lengths.  It was a fantastic effort made by all and we were so pleased to see the way they responded to this challenge and the support  and encouragement they showed each other throughout. 

Lisa Dixon Harriet Kinnaird Richard Olsen - Proud Teachers 

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